Private Sessions

How do they work?


We work with individuals, couples, and families at our offices in Mill Valley and San Francisco and different locations in the country where we give workshops and trainings. Phone and Skype/Zoom/FaceTime sessions are also available as we work with people all over the world. 

We also provide session retreats where we come together for a longer period of time. Click here for more info.

The process is client-centered, which means that you define the intention of the session and then together we discover the obstacles and limitations using the lens of the Constellation approach.

Our job as your facilitators first and most importantly, is to create a space of safety and comfort for you. Next is to ask the right questions and listen, hold space and be present using inquiry and perception as a means to be a fellow traveler on your healing journey.

We will help you to define your longing and intention and explore ways towards healthy autonomy and social engagement. Together we will learn all the ways you’ve been told how you should manage your life AND what it feels like to discover what it is that you actually do want. For example, many of the people we see have been taught to believe that they should be perfect, work hard and be successful, to fit into the mold of happiness and money. But generally speaking, these values have been taught from the outside and have not necessarily arisen from deep within the heart of the person themselves.

For more than twenty years, we have been helping people to transform unhealthy entanglements and to recognize their true healthy Self. When we access this healthy Self it becomes our foundation; a place that is unencumbered and resourceful. When we have this realization so many aspects of our lives fall into place.

Each time we meet, we will give you a set of practices to do. This generally takes just a few minutes a day. You’ll then report back on your progress so we can fine tune together.

Please contact us for an application to apply to work one on one. This application along with an orientation session will help us both to see if the work and we are a good fit.


Individual sessions

If this is your first time with Constellation work or with us we would suggest that you book a 2 hour first session, thereafter 1.5 hours is usually enough time


Couples sessions

Are generally a minimum of 2 hrs. Some couples who are traveling a distance choose to have 3 hour appointment.


Family sessions

Minimum 3 hour appointment with the whole family.

Session Retreats

2 consecutive days with two 3 hour sessions/day. Retreats are designed for a more intensive experience along with plenty of time for teachings and integration of the work.

Click here to read more about session retreats.

Over the course of one session with a group and two more private sessions with Peter, I was somehow able to release a huge burden of grief, which had never been mine in the first place. I am so grateful to Peter for his work. When he represented my mom it was amazing how like her he sounded. His intuition is incredible. And when he worked with me in a group setting, the healing was profound.
— PW

I have experienced both family constellation and private sessions with Peter and they have been very deep, profound, and permanently transformative for me. It is soul work. Peter is kind, caring, knowledgeable, empathetic and completely trustworthy. I recommend him completely and I am very grateful.
— SS
Working with Peter has been the most nourishing therapeutic work I have ever participated in. Peter is very professional, compassionate, and empathetic and has a very deep grasp of the human consciousness. Working with him brings one to a very deep place within to heal many old layers.
— DS

Wholeheartedly I recommend Peter deVries. He combines a high degree of professionalism, loving focused attention with a very respectful and judgment-free presence. This made me feel absolutely safe and enabled me to let unconscious themes come up. What I missed with other therapists, Peter provides: he doesn’t take over but rather empowers you and he is there with you! In his guidance he kind of makes the hard work feel easier and less complicated. It gave me the chance to process, heal and leave trauma behind me. Thank you.
— TB

We invite you to apply for a free 30 min orientation session. You can contact Peter at 415.383.8634 or email

Or you can reach Cara at 415.289.6770 or email