The process begins

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In our workshops we facilitate groups of up to 25 people - singles or couples - setting up a Constellation.

The process begins with your questions. We would start with helping you to unravel what the issues and intentions are currently in your life. For example, you may be suffering with an illness or trying to find your way with your partner or struggling with your children. Perhaps its not that clear; it could be just a vague sense that life is not working for you or that no matter where you go or what you take on, there’s this feeling of not belonging, not being in the right place. In that case, the Constellation process itself can answer questions and bring clarity.

From there, you will have an opportunity to select other workshop participants to represent your relatives, yourself and other relevant relationships depending on the issue presented.

You then would lead each representative to a place in the room, placing the family members in relation to one another, matching the inner, instinctual picture you carry of your family. The use of representatives allows for objectivity and a free and full expression in the moment.

Our workshops are a wonderful opportunity to bring friends and relatives who are interested in this type of work as there will be an introduction and plenty of time for several constellations and questions.

I’ve done numerous workshops and individual sessions with Peter. He is a master at this form of revelatory therapy. His participation and guidance are deeply nuanced and profoundly authentic, informed by his many years of study and practice. This degree of commitment to his craft provides for an unparalleled embodiment experience.
— RW

I have had the privilege of attending 3 of Peter’s workshops over the past couple of years and each time I am amazed at the depth of healing that occurs not only for myself but for others in the group. Peter is a master at what he does and his gentle power and intuitive nature brings out the inner wisdom that lies within each of us. As a holistic nurse clinician and wellness Coach I value the importance of getting to the root cause of an issue in order to heal, and the work Peter does delivers just that.
— AQ

Peter’s in-depth understanding of this work helped me take a meaningful look at my family’s dynamics. Peter guided me in one on one sessions and in workshops with strangers and with my closest friends. Over the years, after choosing facilitators that lived nearby, I discovered that Peter is the person I most trust when I delve into this powerful work. He is kind and his patience is unending. He commits himself fully to creating a safe, healing space for people to dig into vulnerable feelings and moments. And, when he schedules the time to be in NYC, I flip and juggle events in order to work with him. Peter is a master with a healthy ego and an innate desire to better understand how to serve people.
— JK

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