Session Retreats

Together we will explore


In these Session Retreats you and perhaps your partner will be working with Peter. Session Retreats are 2 days in length with two 3 hour session blocks per day, as this provides ample time to resolve issues and the time needed to integrate the healing process. This is both a process and a teaching.

Together we will explore:

  • A focused genogram and family history through the lens of the constellation method. Using resonance to discover root issues with a focus on your intentions for our time together.
  • Working with your core intention. Discovering direction, meaning and purpose in your life and relationships.
  • Constellation working with the family of inner parts
  • Constellation working with your intention

Why a session retreat?

A session retreat can be over a weekend or during the week. Hours are from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, with a good hour and a half lunch break. You may also have a bit of optional work to do outside of the sessions. There will be powerful preparatory work that may shifts things in a positive direction even before you get to your retreat.

The session retreat gives you a rare level of personal coaching and provides profound depth of positive transformation and change. The private session retreat format is for those who want to take significant steps to make meaningful improvements in their life and relationships.

It is possible to do these sessions remotely using Skype or Zoom.

COST: The cost is $1950 for the 2-day Session Retreat.  Travel, meals and accommodations not included.

DATES: Session Retreats are offered throughout the year during the week and weekends provided availability.

CONTACT US: We would be happy to discuss our Session Retreat with you either by phone or email. Feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

What you will need to prepare: filling in a focused questionnaire ahead of time

My session retreat with Peter has been deeply meaningful and transformative. By cultivating a shared perceptual space we create together, he is able to affirm the truth of my perceptions while also identifying the impediments to its full realization or release. This shared exploration and revelation is at the heart of Peter’s work, and allows us to be transformed through our own agency. In this way the work can be called restorative, as we experience an evolving wholeness and a returning to ourselves, as though we are restored to our true self and our rightful relationships.
— Carmen Hering D.O. | Osteopathic & Anthroposophic Medicine
In my session retreat with Peter I was deeply impressed by his level of empathy and nonjudgmental attitude. His wisdom and insight helped us to discern the deeper issues of our son’s trouble. Today we remain grateful for the lasting changes that our family and son have experienced.
— Birgit Altmann