Our approach


Consultations and Webinars

Consultations in the constellation approach are ideal for psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, physicians, trauma practitioners and bodyworkers.

This time together is designed to:

  • Offer support with your cases

  • Bring in alternatives when you feel stuck about what is happening with your clients

  • Better understand how the family system is affecting your clients health and well-being

Here you will have, in a safe and contained environment, the opportunity to learn the Constellation approach, both in working with individuals and in a group process.

Private Consultation

In a private consultation we will explore together the systemic influences that affect your clients. Each session will be for one hour and include basic principles of the constellation approach.

Here are some examples of what we might work with:

  • Systemic trauma and its effects
  • What it means to work with the whole system
  • The art of letting the client lead the way
  • Observing in a phenomenological way
  • Where you feel stuck with your clients
  • Countertransference dynamics
  • Patterns and habits using the lens of the constellation work
  • Entanglements and how to resolve them
  • The art of helping

Upcoming Events

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I had studied constellation work before but it was not until I attended Peter’s training that I received the skillful means and confidence needed to offer this work in private sessions. Peter is a teacher of teachers. The training was personally very healing and I continue to deepen and offer this work. I am constantly amazed at how the exact information from the field comes to heal and benefit ALL involved. With Peter’s approach, we find ourselves playing in the field of the miraculous.
— Alexandra Theard- Coach