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ConstellationWorks is a process of looking at the challenging issues in life: relationships, work, our children, even illness through the lens of the family and our ancestry.

ConstellationWorks offers workshops and private sessions for individuals, couples and families who wish to find solutions to difficult issues in life, work and family. This work also gives therapists, health professionals, consultants and coaches a unique perspective for insight into the dynamics that impede the lives of their clients. Constellation work is often described as being helpful when other approaches fall short and can be a wonderful adjunct to other ongoing therapies and resources.


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  • Mill Valley, Marin County, and San Francisco, CA

  • Also available through Phone and Skype/Zoom/FaceTime

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Sessions and Consultations

Private Sessions

We will help you to define your longing and intention and explore ways towards healthy autonomy and social engagement. Together we will learn all the ways you’ve been told how you should manage your life AND what it feels like to discover what it is that you actually do want.


Consultations are ideal for psychologists, psychotherapists, social workers, physicians, trauma practitioners and bodyworkers. Here you will have, in a safe and contained environment, the opportunity to learn the Constellation approach, both in working with individuals and in a group process.


In our workshops we facilitate groups of up to 25 people - singles or couples - setting up a Constellation. The process begins with your questions. We would start with helping you to unravel what the issues and intentions are currently in your life.


Peter Devries is a gifted Constellation Facilitator. His extraordinary empathic capacities enable him to uncover and mirror back the hidden core dynamics behind client’s difficulties with such precision as to facilitate deep healing. I have been lucky to be the recipient of those gifts in private sessions with him. I have also attended several of his trainings and have gained new insights, awareness and skills that contributed to my own expertise as a facilitator. He is a deeply loving, perceptive, sensitive and compassionate healer and I would highly recommend his work to anyone who is serious about freeing themselves from the hidden burdens that hold them back.
— Nancy Greenfield, Ph.D., R.C.S.T.

"In my sessions with Peter I was deeply impressed by his level of empathy and nonjudgmental attitude. His wisdom and insight helped us to discern the deeper issues of our son's trouble. Today we remain grateful for the lasting changes that our family and son have experienced."


"Doing Family Constellation work with Peter is like participating in a dance of the ages. He guides skillfully and subtly, always open to whatever possibilities arise, so that the deepest healing can happen. Peter is a dedicated master who facilitates authentic shifts in consciousness; I am grateful beyond words for my work with him."


Working with Peter has been a Godsend. His depth of knowledge about various trauma healing techniques is remarkable but, even more so, is his sensitivity to the needs of the client are amazing. I felt cared for as a human being from start to close and he is more than willing to follow up with the client to assure them a positive meaningful outcome. What a blessing!
— PH